Invacare Scooter - Comet Pro $6,170.00

The Comet is one of our larger scooters , designed for Medium to Large sized people  , and one of our best sellers .
For the regular user , wanting the assurance they can ride long distances , and to do so in comfort, the Comet has a range of up to 55kms, and will travel at up to 15 km/h.
Safety features include the Safe Turning Mechanism , slowing the Scooter automatically in a turn , along with our high Visibility package , incorporating a Jacket , Flag and our brightly coloured Sherpa Utility Backpack with provision for up to four loaded grocery bags , a double Cane / Crutch holder and Water Bottle storage.
The Comet is comparable in size with the following scooters. 
 - Pride Pathrider 130XL 

Specifications and useful information .
Colours available -(available on request)
Travel Range - up to 55kms 
Speed - 15 km/h 
Length - 147.5cm ( 58 inches )
Width - 66cm ( 26 inches ) 
Battery Size - 2 x 12 volt 74 amp/hr  ( 8amp Charger supplied with scooter ) 
User Weight - max 160 kgs ( 25 stone ) .
Wheels - 13 inch Pneumatic Tyres  
Suspension - front and Rear , adjustable Shock absorber .
Seat -  Captains Luxury Chair with Headrest, with recline and Swivel functions .
Lighting Package - Headlights, Tailights, Indicators, Hazard lights, and Braking lights.