Question: How can we help?

Answer: More and more kiwis are opting to purchase their own equipment which can provide greater choice as well as faster implementation of solutions. The challenge of buying your own equipment can often be determining the best products to suit your own unique situation. Carl is trained and experienced who will work with you to assist in your decision making. We work closely with occupational therapists and can offer in-home assessments to help you determine the best way to manage your 

Question: Why use MD Mobility?

Answer: We are locally Auckland based team and are willing to assist from Tauranga and including Northland. We can come to you or just a call away. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and are family orientated and we want to ensure you are treated the way we would want to be. 

Question: What is the process for purchasing items?

Answer: If you buy online you go to the purchase item and it will send an email to us. We will send you an invoice for the item and confirm your address. Once payment is received we will send out the item and confirm a delivery date to ensure someone is at home.

Question: What are the methods of payment?

Answer: We accept cash, cheque, internet banking. We are registered suppliers to many government agencies including ACC, Accessable, Enable and Work And Income when funding is applicable.  As part of being a Work And Income supplier we are happy to provide quotes for Work And Income.

Question: Can we trial a chair or other equipment?

Answer: It can be important to show and give an in home demonstration, this is free of charge in Auckland, BOP and Northland. 


Do you just sell Pride or can you help us with goods other than Pride?

Answer: Yes we can look to help you with Invacare, Shoprider and other company’s products.


How do refunds and warranties work?


We provide a warranty on all products sold by us, whether it is a ‘new’ or ‘used’ item. 

We import some of our products directly from the manufacturer to ensure the best value for our customers.


Are there any freight charges?


Freight is included in the cost of the equipment purchased. Please note that if you have a rural delivery address there is an additional charge eg RD1 then we will need to get an additional quote as couriers charge to rural delivery addresses.


Do I need to take Insurance?


Yes, There is no need to take out a vehicle policy for your mobility scooter. You can simply include it in your contents policy. Just be sure to call your insurer and let them know you've purchased a scooter and you will be covered.


Is there an option for Buy Back?


No, however we can up sell you something if you require.

Question: Can I get any equipment changed with sizing?

Answer: No, all the equipment is standard sizing. Please make sure you read the specifications documents

Question: How do I see the chairs?

Answer: We can come to you, please contact us. We can show you the chairs and the scooters.

Question: What colours do you have?

Answer: Each item has a certain colour range. We cannot deviate from that. Please check the specifications.

Question: What are the deliver time-frames?

Answer: We should always have stock in NZ. We will confirm stock and delivery dates once payment is received. This can take from 3-5 days.

Question: Can you delivery NZ wide?

Answer: Yes we can. Freight is free of charge unless you are rural delivery?


Question: I am slightly unsure of what I need. What should I think about?

Answer: Please make sure you think about 

  1. what terrain will you be on

  2. how often will you be using it

  3. what is the weight you need to check

  4. what distance will the equipment be used

  5. where will it be used at home or rest home etc. 

If you still want to double check on what you think you want please call Carl 021661134.

Call us: 021 661 134 - Carl

Call us: 021 661 132 - Marion

Call us: 0274 986025 - Anita

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