Invacare 1NG Wheelchairs

The Action 1R is an entry level wheelchair that doesn’t compromise on functionality. Built using decades of in-house design experience, the Action 1R is available in transit and self-propelling versions in three sizes. The removable, swing away armrests are easy to remove and the armpad can be used in two positions.

Are you looking for a light and quality product? Action 1 NG is folding wheelchair from the manual wheelchair low active family. This chair is designed to be easy to handle by mixing resistance with a light structure. It also has other characteristics that make comfort a fundamental part of its use, such as its ideal size, which allows for effective displacement in narrow places as well as in spacious ones. The Action 1 NG chair is compatible with other accessories in the NG family, which make the experience of moving in this chair much better. Among these accessories include anti-slip seats, adjustable headrest, seat belts, and more, all these with the purpose of covering various needs of each individual.

Cross compatible to suit every need The Invacare® Action®1NG shares multiple components with other wheelchairs from the Action®NG Family, including brakes, wheels, legrest assortment, cane holder and drip stand. That means you can adapt your Action®1 to fully meet the user needs. Enabling the sharing of common components reduces the complexity of handling, prescribing and adjusting the product. Manoeuvrable, and easy to transport and store

The Action®1 has been designed for optimal manoeuvrability, whether being pushed or selfpropelled, indoor or out. It even remains mobile in tight spaces or crowded areas because of its modest dimensions and compact frame. Plus, thanks to it’s single crossbar system, compactness and quick release rear wheels axles, the Action®1NG is easy to handle, transport and store. Simply take off the rear wheels and fold it away.

Simple to customize The Action®1NG is available in both transit and self propulsion versions to accommodate individual needs. The wheelchair can easily be adjusted to the user morphology. A wide range of accessories is available to enhance patient’s comfort and customize the chair to their specific requirements.

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